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Bakery Pre-Mixes

A P Multiproducts Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of cake pre-mixes and bakery ingredients in India. We offer a wide range of premium-quality Egg Less Cake Pre-Mixes for top quality moist cakes, brownies, and cake muffins. The offered bakery pre-mixes are available in different flavors and contain high nutritional value. Cake Gel is NOT used in our products. The cake premix can also be used for iced cupcakes, bar and loaf type cakes. The ingredients contained in our egg-less cake mix ensure production of even-textured bakery products with excellent eating and keeping qualities. The batter is easy to prepare, simply requiring the addition of water and vegetable oil.

  • Vanilla Concentrate (Egg Free)
  • Vanilla Pre-Mix (Egg Free)
  • Chocolate Pre-Mix (Egg Free)
  • Vanilla & Chocolates Muffin Pre-Mix (Egg Free)
  • Brownie Pre-Mix (Egg Free)
  • Choco Lava Pre-Mix (Egg Free)
  • Dark Choco Delight Pre-Mix (With Egg)

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